Patti LaBelle Says James Wright’s Video “Took The Pie Over The Top”

Patti LaBelle caught a collective side-eye from the Internet when she attributed the success of her now famous sweet potato pies solely, well, to herself.

Folks online begged to differ with the legendary singer, with many stating it was Internet sensation James Wright’s viral video that helped Patti’s pie sales and causing many to wonder if Wright’s “transformation” into the soul singer was indeed warranted, or just good promotion.

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Well it appears Ms. LaBelle has had a change of heart and is now attributing her success to James Wright. During an interview with Good Day Philadelphia, she

“This pie has been doing really really well,” she said. “My new friend James Wright did this fierce video and it took the pie over the top and people were losing their minds.”

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Ms. Patti continued and said James Wright would be spending Thanksgiving dinner with her as a thank you for all he’s done.

“You give love to people who give you love,” Patti told FOX 29 Philadelphia’s Quincy Harris Tuesday morning. “And you know, I didn’t expect a viral video.”

That’s right Patti, spread the love.


The legendary singer, who’s known for her cooking just as much as she’s known for her vocals, is gearing up for Thanksgiving and during an interview with Good Day Philadelphia, Ms. LaBelle attributed her pie success to Internet sensation James Wright, who’s viral video