New Study Discovers Which City Has The Most Platinum Hip-Hop Albums

Music has gone through multiple phases over the years and never ceases to introduce something new that hasn’t been heard before. From “busting out the bando” trap music to songs that bring on the the newest dance craze, there’s always something that a specific area can tag their name onto to rep their hometown. A new study by is taking a look at each city’s influence, based on their number of platinum hip-hop records.

Though pretty much every area has gotten in on making their stamp in the world of music, there’s only a particular region that can claim the title of “king” when it comes to owning the most amount of platinum hip-hop albums – and that would be the New York and New Jersey area, according to the new analysis. After taking a look at the number of platinum albums per major city, DJ Booth reports that New York and New Jersey are at the top of list amongst others with a whopping number of 120 of hip-hop’s platinum selling albums. The only city that came close is Los Angeles with 50, but other places such as Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, and so many more barely go past the 30 mark for going platinum.

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Though New York hasn’t been the product of a platinum-selling hip-hop album in a minute (since Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail in 2013 to be exact), there’s the big question that is New York and New Jersey the most dominating in the hip-hop field because the means of connections? Some may agree but in the tri-state area, it’s all about getting up, getting out, and doing something to make your voice heard in the hip-hop industry regardless of where you’re from.

Peep the full list of platinum hip-hop albums by city below.

New York/New Jersey – 120
Los Angeles – 50
Atlanta – 29
New Orleans – 21
Detroit – 13
Oakland – 13
Houston – 10
Ohio (Cleveland/Columbus) – 10
St. Louis – 10
Chicago – 8
Virginia (VA Beach area) – 8
Philadelphia – 6
Toronto – 4
Miami – 3
Seattle – 3
Memphis – 3
Dallas – 2
Boston – 1
Kentucky (Bowling Green) – 1
Nashville – 1
North Carolina (Fayetteville) – 1
Orlando – 1