This Poet Has Some Pretty Dope Parting Words For President Obama


Dear President Obama,
“N***a you ain’t s**t!”
That’s how some people feel, but for us, it’s the opposite.

Those are the opening lines of a poem dedicated to the impending exit of the 44th President of the United States. Brooklyn poet, hip-hop artist and activist Moise Morancy took to Facebook last week to share parting words for President Obama, filled with admiration for the legacy our current POTUS will undoubtedly leave behind. Morancy’s dedication serves a dope send-off, noting that Obama’s time in office has inspired him and a legion of other young black people to strive for their dreams:

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You acknowledge us, man.
You give us importance.
Comin’ from the ‘hood, sometimes dreams can get distorted.
Man, we from the same place.
Misunderstood and targeted.
All the problems in America, they act like you started it.
But to see a man that looks like me in a position of power,
Makes me feel like I can power forward, kinda like Dwight Howard.
We will never be silenced, our pride always speaks louder.
Man, it’s hard to come to grips that these are your final hours.
And I ain’t gon’ lie,
When you leave, I’ma cry.
My biggest wish is to meet you before I die.
But If I don’t,
I got to witness it with my own eyes.

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Morancy also took a moment to praise First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as President Obama’s groundbreaking political moves, including the legalization of gay marriage. Denouncing the President’s critics, the poem marked Obama as a brave leader:

They say Trayvon Martin could’ve been your son,
What a powerful statement.
We see you standin’ strong in a White House full of racists
How can you be a coward when you have the guts to say this?
Our black lives matter, it ain’t nothin’ to play with.
Under all of this pressure, we never collapsed
We are not inadequate, you exemplify that.
We don’t care what they say, we gon’ always have your back.
One day I’ll tell my children about how my president was black.

Watch this open letter to President Obama in the video below: