Push 4 Prez: Pusha T Has Been Named The President Of G.O.O.D. Music

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Pusha T has signed on for a pretty G.O.O.D. job as president of his record label home. Taking a phone call from its founder, Kanye West, the Virginia spitter wa met with an offer he couldn’t refuse. Called on by Mr. West to “to manicure the label, make it profitable and be very business-oriented about it going forward,” King Push spoke to Billboard about the future of G.O.O.D. Music under his leadership, and how he and West will cement their regime.

“Me and Kanye have the same vision. He respects me as an artist, a really manicured artist,” he said. “He knows I’m outside all the time. He knows that I’m of the people. He knows that I’m in those specific mixes of things that are bubbling up, whether it’s online or before it even really gets hot online. He knows I study those different avenues.”

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As for his plans with G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha T expressed a focus on the meshing of music and art, noting that the label’s creative avenue DONDA allows them to get creative with accompanying merchandise and other products.

“First of all, we have incredible artists. It’s definitely about getting those albums out in a very manicured fashion,” he said. “We have great artistic talent that sort of walk the lines of bringing that excitement back in regards to just the art that goes along with it like DONDA, the merch and things like that.”

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Calling his upcoming King Push album “something people probably haven’t heard in the past 18 years,” Pusha T also discussed the prospect of a Cruel Summer compilation sequel (he has it on his mood board, if that means anything). With regards to West’s shifting role, Pusha also said that allowing Yeezy to focus on producing will be “getting the best out of him.”

I think we’ll be getting the best out of him, executive producing projects that come from the label from here on out because he gets to really hone in as a producer,” he said. “I’ll take care of all the logistics, the rallying of the troops, and so on and so forth. He don’t gotta be producer, A&R, rapper and everything. We’re all here to help and facilitate. I’m definitely stepping up for the job.”

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