The Ladies Of ‘The Real’ Don’t Sugarcoat Anything With Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal sat down with the women of The Real in what may as well be the beginning of a much delayed apology press tour. As seen on Jezebel, she sat among the Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrian Bailon, Toni Love and Jeannie Mai to express much of her same sentiments towards her identity as a black woman.

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Dolezal, who was actually born a white woman, claims to have identified as a black woman from a very young age, but it wasn’t until 2006 that she officially took on the African-American identity. It was brought to the media’s attention that she was not actually black during her presidency of the NAACP chapter in Washington, where it was discovered that she lied about her racial identity and other aspects about her background. The allegations later resulted in her resignation from the organization and jolted her into a frenzy of criticism, hashtags and interviews.

In this particular episode following the major uproar from the black community, The Real hosts confronted her about her questionable intentions and thought process. Accompanied by a range of hilarious expressions by Tamar Braxton, the ladies each took turns getting to the bottom of the issue. While this isn’t the first time Dolezal has been in the hot seat, the cast, which is made up of women of color—three of them being black women—school her on what it means to experience being a black woman in America and problems with her identifying as something that she is biologically not.

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Midway through her interview, Dolezal took a small detour to admit that she in fact was born a white woman, which prompts a standing ovation from an otherwise dismissive and skeptical audience. Something says she’s getting that the women on The Real as well as the black community just want some honesty.

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Watch Rachel Dolezal and the ladies talk on The Real here.