Oh Canada! Belly Signs With Roc Nation

Some of you may not know who Belly is. But we’re sure that you’ve heard some of his work on The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness album.

The Canadian artist assisted with penning tracks with his close friend, The Weeknd. However, Belly isn’t new to this game. For years, he got his weight up by putting in work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and a host of other big name rap stars.

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Earlier today (Nov 24), Belly, announced his newly signed deal with Roc Nation and released a new music video for “No Option.”

In the Daniel Kaufam-directed video, the Palestinian MC finds himself racing through the desert with two beauties riding shotgun.

Billboard:Congrats on the Roc Nation deal. How did that come together?
Belly: It’s exciting stuff. I want to say it was just a complete focus on my craft and my music and I put together a project that I felt like was representative of me as an artist. And I think I just got the right ears with it to the point where Jay Z was interested and heard it and invited me over. And we had a conversation and that was that, you know? A man’s handshake, that’s all it takes sometimes.

(Read the full interview at Billboard)

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