Redman Reveals ‘How High 2′ Might Soar Into Theaters In 2017

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2001’s classic stoner film How High took viewers to an elevated state of mind with its witty banter between Method Man and Redman, and jokes that still lives on today. Now, it looks like the Jesse Dylan-directed movie is planning to spark up theaters again.

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In an interview with XXL, Redman revealed that How High 2 is still in production, but might arrive in 2017. “The writers are still writing the script,” he says. “Just looking at it time wise and being realistic about it. By the time we shoot it, get it edited, color corrected, that’s going to be a year or so, so yeah about 2017.”

The “Rollin” rapper also gave an update on his forthcoming album Muddy Waters 2, which doesn’t have a release date just yet, but fans can expect it to arrive in 2016. Until then, listeners can feast their ears on Redman’s eighth solo LP, Mudface. Within the same interview, the New Jersey native said it didn’t take him long to complete and release his current project.

“That was pretty quick because I was actually working on the Muddy Waters 2 album and it’s going to take a little bit more time to do that album for the magnitude I want to take it,” he says. “I just want to keep relevancy with this Mudface album. This really is my first solo project being off of Def Jam, so I wanted to get the ball rolling back on the Redman brand.”

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