Rihanna May Have Unlocked The Last Mystery To The Whereabouts Of ‘ANTI’

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There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI, and a lot of skepticism as to if it would ever get an official release date. Luckily, thanks to the “BBHMM” singer’s million-dollar contract with Samsung, she has been dropping a trail of clues on her promotional site for the album. But it appears that fans may have gotten the last of the clues, unveiling a possible album release date.

Amping up the anticipation, the bad gal released a couple of ambiguous, cinematic videos and visuals from her album on ANTIdiaRy.com. And during the American Music Awards, Samsung and Ri-Ri revealed their collaboration on an app, which hints at a couple more clues to her release date. The app’s first clue features visuals of kids drawing on walls. As another piece of the puzzle, the app’s social media accounts suggest that the kids’ drawings from the first visual will be of use in unlocking the rest of the project.

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It’s not clear just how the drawings will come into play, but Hits Double Daily reports it’ll all be made clear by the end of this week. Unfortunately, its alleged Nov. 27 release will reportedly only be exclusive to Tidal subscribers, but will be followed with a full release a week later on December 4. It’s been a long three years, and knowing Rihanna, there may be a couple more surprises up her sleeve, but we’re hoping the latest update is true.


Check out the clips from ANTIdiaRy.com below.

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