The Mighty Fall: Ronda Rousey Gets Knocked Out, The Internet Loses Its Chill


Ronda Rousey was delivered her first loss after a 12-win streak on Saturday night (Nov. 14) at UFC 193. The unthinkable “L” at the hands – well, foot – of Holly Holm, who sent a swift kick to Rousey for a second-round knockout. Holm, a former boxer and currently undefeated MMA fighter, shocked the world by snatching the bantamweight title, and the footage is still hard to watch the next morning:

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Rousey was reportedly hospitalized after the knockout, according to UFC chief Dana White, Yahoo! reports. “She was transported (to hospital) because she got knocked out,” she said. “Obviously she’s completely bummed out and depressed.”

Holm is a former 18-time boxing champ in three weight classes. Following the fight, Holm, gave an emotional account of her preparation before facing Rousey, noting that she was prepared for her to be “aggressive.” “She’s won a lot of fights and imposed her will on a lot of fighters,” Holm said. “So I expected her to be aggressive and impose her will on me. She had me on the cage for a minute and obviously she was trying in for a takedown right there … she had a lot of things she was trying so I’m just glad I put in the practice.”

And just like any other bIg happening, the Internet proceeded to lose its chill after the shocking loss for Rousey. Peep some merciless reactions below:


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