Ronda Rousey Gets Six-Month Medical Suspension After Holm Knockout


The shocker that transpired over the weekend in the UFC 193 matchup between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm has now put quite a damper on Rousey’s return to redeem herself. The trash-talking baddie Rousey returned to the U.S.-of-A., only to hold her head in shame and to turn attention away from the injuries that she suffered from after the second round knockout.

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The injuries from the knockout proved severe, to the point where the UFC is taking precautionary actions by making Rousey sit out for six months before she even thinks about returning to the Octagon. Based on the many slow motion gifs, videos, and replays that circulated of the fight, the decision to have Rousey take some time out and let the literal wounds heal seems like the best thing to do for her safety.

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According to an injury release by, Rousey’s suspension is facing a 180-day suspension due to a head injury unless she passes a head CT scan and can possibly be cleared. The statement also reveals that she is to stay away from fighting for 60 days and any physical contact for a total of 45.