Sean Kingston Was Reportedly Kidnapped In L.A. Over A $225K Watch


According to Sean Kingston, a recent attempt to cop some new jewelry left him in a vulnerable and dangerous position. The 25-year-old singer claims he was kidnapped after a deal went wrong with L.A.-based company, Avianne Jewelers. After paying out $185,000 on a watch that was priced at $225,000, Kingston says he refused to pay the balance because he thought the watch wasn’t worth it. What happened next is a bit confusing, but unsettling if true.

Kingston said that after failing to pay the remainder of the price for the watch, the company agreed to exchange it for another piece that was actually priced at $185,000, TMZ reports. The singer scheduled the swap the take place at a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles at approximately 1:50 a.m. last Tuesday (Nov. 17). When he entered the car, his watch was reportedly snatched from him, and the company’s associates refused to give him another watch, after which Kingston “went nuts.”

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Here’s where things took a turn. Kingston claims that after the watch was snatched, he was then locked inside of the car, driven to a “secluded area,” and thrown out of the car. Authorities reportedly classify this as kidnapping. After the release of the news, Kingston took to Twitter to make reference to the jewelry company:

Avianne Jewelers has yet to release a statement on the matter.