Snoop Dogg And Ghostface Killah React To Billboard’s ’10 Greatest Rappers’ List


Billboard looked at the best of the best in hip hop and narrowed down some of the greatest rappers in a top ten list that was released last week. Some obvious picks made the list while others, on the other hand, didn’t quite make the cut.

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Though some didn’t find their name on the list, it didn’t stop them from voicing their frustration on some names that (dead or alive) should’ve made it. Snoop Dogg was a prime example of pointing out exactly who he thought was missing from the “10 Greatest Rappers” roll call.

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Meanwhile, Ghostface Killah, who found himself included in the list of the greats went straight to his Instagram as well, but to express his gratitude towards Billboard.

What’s your take on Billboard’s “10 Greatest Rappers” list?