Source Says Lamar Odom “Will Never Be The Same Again”


After overdosingĀ at a Nevada brothel last month, basketball star Lamar Odom’s health has been in question. A source close to the athlete tells People Magazine that although he has shown many signs of improvement, the former Sixth Man of the Year “will never be the same again.”

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“Lamar has made some progress, but his cognitive impairment is making life very challenging,” the source told the publication. Odom reportedly has been having difficulty walking on his own as well as forming sentences, likely due to the oxygen deprivation and multiple strokes he suffered.

“Lamar won’t likely leave the hospital for a long time, and when he does, he will need full time care. He can’t take care of himself,” the source continued.

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Odom’s estranged wife, reality star Khloe Kardashian, has been by his bedside virtually since he was admitted to the hospital. They called off their impending divorce since his health issues began, but Kardashian says that it was not for romantic reasons, as she has been linked to another basketball player- James Harden of the Houston Rockets- since before Odom’s drug issues and health spiraled out of control. It has also been reported that the starlet caught a staph infection from helpingĀ Odom while in the hospital.

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