Swizz Beatz Recruits Pusha T, DMX, And More For New Art And Concert Series

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Swizz Beatz recently announced that he will be hosting a three-day art and concert series at Art Basel Miami Beach beginning on Dec. 3. The event, which is formally called Casa Bacardi at Wynwood, will enlist the help of a couple of big names in the game, including Pusha T, DMX, and Alicia Keys.

The series will be in collaboration, with Swizz’s The Dean Collection and Bacardi, and is celebrating art as an innovative craft and recognizing artists that have created timeless and iconic pieces of this generation. Dubbed as the ‘no commission art fair,’ artists will have the chance to showcase their works to a large and open-minded audience. The artists featured, including  KAWS, BK The Artist, and Swoon are all recognized as geniuses in their own right, who have challenged the industry standards. At the closing of the event, the artists will split up the events profits, to which they can each take a portion home.

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In addition to the art aspect of the series, visitors will also be able to enjoy a concert put on by Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, DMX, and Pusha T. Luckily for series-goers the concert will go down house party style spotlighting these A-list artists as well as emerging performers every night following the close of the art fair.

So if you happen to be in Miami and have a real interest in the arts, you might want to make an appearance at Swizz Beatz’s art fair and RSVP to the after party, concert.

I always wanted to build my own ART FAIR and I’m happy to share with you that #TheDeanCollection has done it I would like to introduce you to #NoCommission ART FAIR This fair is only about giving back to the artist. We gave every artist their own space and we’re letting the artist keep 100% of sales Alongside the art fair (on the fairgrounds), we’ve partnered with Bacardi to bring you “House Party” – with a BIIIIIIGGGG show every night!!!! Stay tuned for more info on that I would like to thank my Bacardi family for supporting the ARTs and helping to bring my vision to life!! This will be Epic!!!! Thank you to all the talented artists that are in the show Let’s make history!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Miami here we come The cool part is we have New artist & we also have well known artist making history in the show

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