Based On His Video, Taylor Bennett’s “Happy Place” Involves Love And Lots Of Dancing

Everybody usually dreads Mondays. It’s something about saying goodbye to the fun of the weekend and hello to mundane work schedules. But why not jump start the week with laughter, love and high energy? Luckily for you, Taylor Bennett’s “Happy Place” came just in time.

The Chicago native—and younger brother and face twin to Chance The Rapper—has released both the song and corresponding video to “Happy Place,” the first release from his forthcoming Windy City-inspired project Broad Shoulders. Taylor’s nimble lyrics and spirited flow are complemented by smoother vocals from Brill and production from Ludlow.

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In the Thelo Vism-directed flick, viewers accompany Taylor to a lively party devoid of any wallflowers. Everyone is up and on their feet or with a cup in hand. D-Low, who we all saw in Chance The Rapper’s TV debut of his song “Angels,” was front and center showing off some impressive footwork. In addition to leaving the party with a few good moves under his belt, Tay walks out hand in hand with his love interest.

Get a slice of Taylor’s happiness right now by pressing play.