Instagram Is Trying To Ban The Game For His Underwear Photos

The Game has been causing quite the stir on Instagram lately with his rather revealing photos, which highlight his private parts. But the gram isn’t as pleased as the masses are in seeing Game’s assets. TMZ has recently reported that Instagram officials have threatened to delete his account if he does not remove the pictures.

Yet the California-rapper thinks this is very much a double-standard, considering all the revealing photos women like Kim Kardashian have on their IG accounts. This is what TMZ revealed about this ongoing Game-Insta drama:

Game tells us he had no idea the IG cops were busting him … and he’s shocked since the pics have been up for a month.

It also doesn’t add up for him since Kim K’s IG is full of sexy photos, including her Paper cover and the naked pregnant shot where she’s holding her boobs.

Game says no matter what Instagram does it won’t can’t change the fact he put a sizeable dent in the Internet — plus, he’s still very blessed. Respect.

Regardless of the backlash, Game isn’t that fazed about his possible ban watch below his clap back to the gram’:

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@tmz_tv calls me to give me the scoop……. Shit been up for a month, now y’all threatening niggas lol #KanyeShrug #YouAPhoneAppButYouStillLikeTheSausage #ProbablyLilWeeWeeNiggasReportingIt #YoDaddyJustWasntPackinSoGeneticallyYourLifeFuckedUp #MyDaddyWasADragonSlayerOutHereAndItGotPassedDownToMe #MyGrandaddyWasASeaMonsterKiller #ItRunsInTheFamily #TaylorMeatPackingCompany #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken….. Now back to this Daddy thing I’m doing over here…. #HatersGoneHatePotatosGonePotate lmaoooo…. So if my account mysteriously disappear, IG hatin on a player & I’ll be on snap chat for the duration: “blackb0yfly” & if they do delete it…. All my women fans, post it in the name of my Instagram memory #LongLiveTheDingALingKing #UnBothered

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What do you think about the scrutiny The Game has undergone? Should it be acceptable for men to be as revealing as woman are? Sound off.