The Internet Wants To Make Your Dreams Come True On New Single “Famous”


The Internet maybe music’s most left of center band, but they’re also the most most ambidextrous, freely switching from traditional rhythm and blues to a lighter, funkier sound whenever they deem fit.

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To help usher in Friday, the group released their new single “Famous.” Lead singer Syd’s feathery voice welcomes listeners as she sings of not-so coyly watching a girl on the dance floor. The moving bass line and the fast-pace percussion helps create a shoulder-sway worthy moment on the sun-drenched single.

The six-member band has secured a tight and loyal fan base since its inception, and has catapulted to new heights with the release of their latest album Ego Death. And unlike most music that maybe a required taste, The Internet’s sound and latest single goes down smooth.

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Peep the track and watch their Colbert performance below.