Toya Wright Defends Memphitz’s 8-Day “Hall Pass” To Cheat During Their Marriage


Toya Wright’s marriage to Memphitz hit rock-bottom when the reality star/entrepreneur ex-wife found photos of naked women on her camera. The couple appeared on Bravo’s Untying The Knot about to discuss their split and to attempt to divvy up their assets. One stark revelation that came from their sit-down with divorce lawyer Vikki Ziegler was that Toya gave her husband a “hall pass” to cheat.

“She gives me eight days a year to do what I want, no questions asked,” Memphitz said. When asked if his wife is afforded the same pass, he laughed incredulously. “She a woman, she a girl. What I’m saying is, men, we’re built a little different than you.”

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In an interview with the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Toya attempted to clarify her “hall pass” by noting that the arrangement was made after their marriage was in trouble.

“As far as the hall pass thing goes, I felt like I was already at the friend zone with Mickey,” she said. “We were moving in two totally different directions, so go ‘head! Do what you do. That’s what you wanna do. Because guess what? My focus is on my businesses, and my No. 1 priority is my daughter. You can’t get it together and it’s so much going on, I’m not about to be bothered with that. And let me set the record straight: That stuff never came about when things was all good.”

Good point or nah? Watch Memphitz talk his “hall pass” in the video below: