A Mother Decides To Take Justice Into Her Own Hands In ‘Secret In Their Eyes’


Just before it’s time to cut the Thanksgiving Turkey, movie thrill seekers will be in for a treat.

Set to debut in theaters on November 20,  Secret In Their Eyes tells a horrific story about a mother losing her daughter at the hands of a heartless murderer. While visiting a crime scene with her close knit three-person law enforcement team (starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman), the main character Jess (the played by Julia Roberts) discovers her own child’s dead body in a dumpster.

“Obviously we had a lot of anticipation going into the scene—some of us more dread than anticipation,” Roberts recently shared with E!. “People say, ‘It must have been so hard. You have children.’ I’m like this has nothing to do with me and my kids were never a part of it or thought about. I was trying to so fully and totally occupy Jess’ life and her complete joyful devotion to this girl who she just loves. She loves her daughter, she is her favorite person. It’s all there. You just have to sort of open the door to that room of thoughts.”

See what’s in store in the mystery-filled, Billy Ray-directed film in the sneak peek below.