Now Indulge In Twitter’s Latest Comedic Roast #ThanksgivingClapBack

Twitter is a lot of things. It’s informative, oftentimes thought provoking and an eye-opener for what many people think and believe. But Twitter is also comedy, like real life LOLs kind of comedy.

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Monday (November 23) the Internet just couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving, and decided to document what the holidays are like with black families with the oh so hilarious #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies. Twitter then turned what could’ve been a boring Tuesday evening (November 24) into another great comedic escape with the #ThanksgivingClapBack.

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Edges were lost, potato salads were disrespected and granny’s sweet potato pie also got the business. If you had a rough day, go on and indulge in the hilarity that is #ThanksgivingClapBack