Tyga Says Drake Should Have Been Included On Billboard’s Top 10 Rappers List


Despite his previous war of words with Drake, Tyga still salutes the “6 God’s” mark on the game.

In a recent interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, Tyga offered his thoughts on Billboard’s controversial “10 Greatest Rappers of All Time” list. Questioning the inclusion of certain younger rappers and not others, T-Raww commented that the list seems like it would be relevant “if this came out in like, 2005.” And in a higher-road turn of events, he gave props to a certain Toronto-based rapper, along with J. Cole.

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“I just feel like this is a lot of older people. This would be, like, the greatest rappers of all time if this came out, like, you know, 2005,” he said. “But now it’s like, you know, you gotta give Drake his credit, you gotta give J. Cole his credit, you know what I mean?”

Power 106 also got the opinion of Rick Ross on Billboard’s list. While the MMG boss did not fret about not being included, he took offense to the exclusion of Tupac. Highlighting the storied MC’s lasting effects on the hood, Ross named The Notorious B.I.G. as the only rapper in ‘Pac’s league.

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“I’m not even trippin’, because I’m still here, and I still got time to put in work. To me, what bothered me is when I see people like Tupac Shakur not on the list,” he said. “When Tupac passed away, I remember seeing people cry. Homeboys that’s in the streets, these dudes are merciless, and he touched their lives in so many ways. I have yet to see that from anybody else. B.I.G. is the only person that I would hold near Tupac’s name. After that, there’s a space bar.”

Watch Tyga and Rick Ross’ reactions to Billboard’s list below:

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