According To Vince Staples, Michael Jordan And Donald Trump Are Quite Similar


Well, this is odd.

Long Beach lyricist Vince Staples was given the arduous task of critiquing 20 years of GQ’s Men of The Year.  Images of prominent actors from Will Smith to Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise all received Staples honest assessment.

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Things then took a different tone when a black-and-white photo of billionaire Michael Jordan popped up on the screen, which prompted Staples most harsh critique.

“Michael Jordan is such a scumbag,” said the 22 year old. “I love ‘em. Michael Jordan and Donald Trump are the same kind of person. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump they are the epitome of bad people in America becoming successful.”

Staples thoughts on the six-time NBA champ are shared by many including Stephon Marbury, who in October re-released his Starbury sneakers for $15. Marbury  then went on a lengthy Twitter rant slamming Jordan for the deaths that ensue because of his highly coveted Air Jordans sneakers.

Watch the remainder of Vince Staples critiques and commentary in the nearly three minute GQ clip below.