Waka Flocka Wants Fans To Blow Up His Label’s Phone And “Demand” His Album’s Release

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Just two weeks after blasting Atlantic Records for delaying the December release of his album Flockaveli 2, Waka Flocka Flame has taken it a step further and asked fans to call the record label and “demand” the project.

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The Georgia rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday (Nov. 4) to turn his frustration with his album’s holdup and lack of promotion into a call to action as he encouraged his 1.5 million followers to bling Atlantic Records’ hotlines.

Immediately, fans of the “No Hands” rapper phoned his record label where some said they were sent to voicemail, hung up on or put on hold. Flame retweeted fans who detailed their experiences when they dialed the company which included one person who said they reached a label official.

Flame’s Twitter outburst is the latest in his contentious battle with Atlantic Records. Last month, he expressed his anger with the label in a nearly 20-tweet, expletive-laced rant in which he discussed his distaste with label politics and how he was being treated. Hopefully this all leads to progress.