Meet Waka Flocka, The Weatherman


Waka Flocka Flame is a jack-of-all-trades; from trap star rapper to aspiring presidential candidate there’s nothing the Atlanta MC can’t do. And now, he’s taking a stab at telling you the forecast.

On Monday night (Nov. 9) the rapper made a pit-stop at Columbia S.C.’s local news station, News 19 WLTX as a special guest, in efforts to promote the city’s Music Farm concert. The show, is for raising money for flood victims in the area.

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“Rain, rain, go away, that’s what all the haters say,” said Waka sporting a black hoodie which said “Local Trap Star,” while signaling at local locations on the map. “We’ll be going hard in the paint all week. It’s gonna be sunny, that’s gon’ be a party all week. A Grove Street party,” he continued chanting.

The Flockaveli 2 rapper was quite charming, and entertaining. Could meteorology be Waka’s new talent? You be the judge and peep the hilarious video below.