Will Smith Admits He Also Didn’t Care For Jaden’s Batman Costume


Will Smith has been walking red carpets for quite sometime, and knows a thing or two about a well tailored suit. But Mr. Smith will tell you his keen fashion sense wasn’t always in play.

Smith sat down with GQ to discuss his style evolution, and admits that at times he may have misstepped, but has miraculously arrived to where he is now, which is what he describes as “Classy Splat-Ow!”

During the interview, Smith attributes his early fashion choices while being on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to the 80s, and his friends just not being totally honest with him, hence his cut-off T-shirt he wore on the show, which he admits was a fail.

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However, his eccentric fashion choices pale in comparison to his son Jaden’s. During the two-minute interview, the Concussion actor says that he tried to get Jaden to wear something more formal to his friend’s prom, but after some negotiating the only compromise that was made was the tie Jaden wore, to which he jokingly blamed on his wife of 20 years.

Watch the clip below.