A Woman Has Been Arrested For Twerking On A Man At A D.C. Gas Station


One of two women caught on camera twerking and groping a man without his consent have been arrested and charged with third-degree sexual abuse.

On Tuesday (November 10) video footage surfaced online of two woman at a D.C. gas station. The video caught on the convenience store camera shows one woman twerking on a man not too long after he walks in.

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A short while later, another woman begins to grope him and grab his crotch. The almost two minute long video shows the man swatting the woman’s hand away, despite her continuous attempts.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, told a Fox affiliate he told the women to stop and even asked the clerk for assistance but was told “What do you want me to do?”

The victim then went outside to call the police, but was followed by the women. After seeing a group of men he assumed were pimps, he told reporters he didn’t fight off the girls out of fear of retaliation from the group.

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The incident took place at 1700 Block of New York Avenue, NE, October 7. One arrest has been made, police are still searching for the other woman.

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