The Woman Who Refused To Stop Reading Her Book At The Trump Rally Is The Internet’s Newest Darling


You never know who will become the next big star of the Internet. On a Sunday, it could be your dying pet turtle Ralph, or Monday a new cute 3-year-old showcasing some kind of emotion that looks cute on toddlers but incriminating on adults. Tuesday evening (November 10) a woman who refused to put down her hardcover book while at a Donald Trump rally became the Internet’s newest favorite person.

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While Trump was appealing to a crowd of supporters in Springfield, Illinois, said woman found herself in the direct view of the camera. Appearing to the right of the GOP candidate, the voracious readers seemed like she had enough of Trump’s rhetoric.

Things got a little tense when a legit Trump supporter tapped the woman on the shoulder, obviously asking her to get her head out the book and pay attention. After a few words were exchanged, said woman told the man to kick rocks and went back to reading her book.

This hilarious moment will go down as top 10 Black Twitter moments. Watch the clip below.

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