10 Latino Artists Who Stole The Show At Art Basel Miami


As customary, this year’s Art Basel Miami was jam-packed with artwork from Wynwood Walls to Miami Beach. Throughout the week, contemporary art critics and graffiti enthusiasts alike flocked to South Florida to celebrate a multiplicity of artists from across the globe and their most innovative creations.

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Major art shows like Wynwood’s Spectrum and SCOPE on South Beach boasted some of the most uniquely crafted works of art, from hand sculptures inspired by Future’s DS2 album, to thematic visuals hinting at the current unrest around the country. Swizz Beatz’s “Dean Collection” and Lenny Kravitz’s “Flash” exhibit displayed equally curious paintings and photographs, some of which seem to be telling stories about struggle and freedom.

In addition to the highly anticipated works by designer Sue Tsai and photographer Jonathan Mannion, this year’s attendees were also treated to some much needed material by a slew of Latino artists, including Alex Yanes and Sergio Garcia, whose extraordinary illustrations and other visual pieces called for your undivided attention.

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See more oil paintings, hand-made sculptures, elaborate murals, and much more in the gallery above.