Interview: A$AP Ferg Says A$AP Yams’ Mom Loves His Adidas Collaboration


A$AP Ferg was down at Miami’s Art Basel this year with a very special agenda. This was the Harlem rapper’s first major showing of his artwork and new Adidas collaboration — dedicated to his longtime friend A$AP Yams.

In an interview with, Ferg says Yams’ family loves his new painting. He premiered his elaborate dedication to the A$AP Mob founder alongside his sneaker collaboration — and photography from the Mob’s go-to photographer, Brock Fetch. While he examined his personal photo gallery, Ferg explained why Yams’ mother loves the painting.

“She’s very happy about it,” said Ferg. “Very supportive. She even sat through all of my sessions while I was doing this album Always Strive And Prosper. She loves the music and she just… every time she speaks to me, she feels like she’s speaking to her son.”

Ferg also said Yams’ mother continues to support everything they do. The Harlem native explained that it took two days to make the final creation after getting off to a rough start with the first draft. The painting appears on the long sleeve t-shirts that accompany his new Yams-inspired adidas skateboard sneaker. He also revealed the symbolism behind Yams’ role in the oil painting on canvas.

“It’s got him [Yams] with the vision. It’s got the crazy world in the back, like the crazy city in the back, and it has the A$AP blueprint at the bottom. That’s who he was to A$AP,” Ferg tells VIBE. “We had the talent, but Yams he paut it out to the world. He knew how to package it. He knew how to market it. He was like the brains behind the brand.”

Photographer Brock Fetch, Ferg’s right-hand man A$AP Rocky, and fans from all over Miami had Sidebar in Brickell filled to capacity. After mingling with fans of his artwork, Ferg hit the stage with the A$AP Mob to perform songs like “Work” and tracks from his previous mixtape Ferg Forever hosted by DJ Drama.

Watch the interview in full below.