Watch President Obama Give The White House Interns Seasoned Parenting Advice


With every new crop of White House Interns, President Barack Obama goes to greet the eager college student and answer a few questions. During this go ’round, the Commander In Chief offered some seasoned advice not about his office, but about being a parent.

“It’s the great joy of my life, and Michelle’s life, our daughters,” Obama said.

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Speaking off the cuff, the President spoke of a child’s early years and how much attention that demands, but also told the interns to be engaged when it comes to their children.

“If you come home and then all you’re doing is just sitting in front of the TV set, then you’re not really there anyway.”

Barack Obama, who know doubt has a way with the “zero to eight demographic” as he said, concluded by saying when it’s all said and done, it’ll be time spent with Sasha and Malia that will matter to him most.

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“I’m old enough where I , sadly imagine my own mortality, If I think to myself, what’s the thing I’m going to remember on my last breath? It’s not going to be anything to do with my office. I’m not going to think about Grant Park and me getting elected, I’m not going to be thinking about me passing healthcare as important as that’s been, what I’m going to remember is holding my daughter’s hand.”

Wise words, Mr. President. Check out the full White House video below.

"It is the great joy of my life, and Michelle's life: Our daughters." —President ObamaWatch as the President answers questions from White House interns—including one where he shares his advice on family and parenting: Posted by The White House on Wednesday, December 30, 2015