Black Girl Magic 2015: The Year Black Women Lived Boldly


Black girls have always had magic.

It’s in our hair, our skin, or hips and between our ears. From Dorothy Dandridge to Dej Loaf, upside down and back around again, black women have long been sorcerers of skill, seduction and swag. Whether playing double dutch or directing Academy-Award nominated films, whatever black girls set out to do, it’s done in the spirit of excellence. It is also oftentimes done for the first time, as breaking barriers is considered light work for melanin enriched queens.

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Yet black girls haven’t always been the recipients of kind words or actions. As Zora Neale Hurston said, “Black women are the work mules of society,” and have long had to bear the weight of racism and sexism. Black girls have been shamed for their skin color, and then ridiculed for their voluptuous figures; Sarah Baartman being the earliest and most famous of black women to endure that harsh reality.

But soon a tide began to change and black women began demanding more for themselves and their daughter’s daughters. After foundation was laid by our foremothers, today’s black girls have been able to reach unimaginable heights. Whether it be in entertainment, sports or Hollywood, black girls held their own and proved their magical powers to be true.

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Rewind 2015 and look back at all the Black Girl Magic that unfolded.