Bow Wow Attempts To Explain The Origin Of “The Dab,” Gets Clowned By Migos


It’s a bit comical how easily Bow Wow becomes a trending topic. Today in “talk about Bow Wow” news, the rapper/actor took to social media to explain the origin of the currently popular “dab” dance. Connecting the fad to a trendy way to consume marijuana, smoking hash concentrate oil, Bow Wow tried to school the kids on how the face-to-arm motion became popular.

“The world dabbing and they don’t even understand or know what dab is. First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana, it’s the purest form of marijuana. It’s extremely strong, so the dance comes from when you smoking and you coughing, the first thing you do is [hits dab],” he said.

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He’s like google my facts….

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Cool, right? A little education on this fine day? Wrong. Following Bow Wow’s attempt at explaining the dab, Twitter immediately pounced, including the purveyors of the dance, Migos and Rich The Kid. Denouncing Bow’s definition of the dab, the clowning began:

In a response that seems to have been deleted, Bow Wow took aim at Migos’ sales, calling them “fake a** Ying Yang twins:”

Welp. There goes today’s Internet beef.