Chance The Rapper Helps Raise $60,000 For Chicago’s Homeless In 10 Ten Days

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Chance The Rapper is in the lead for the Awesome Human Being award.

In an effort to provide a bit of warmth this winter, the Surf rapper launched a charitable campaign in which he asked fans to donate money to the purchase of the EMPWR coat.

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The campaign titled “Warmest Winter” aimed to purchase jackets from the Empowerment Plan of Detroit. The full-length coat is water resistant and self-heating and doubles into a sleeping bag as well as a carrying bag for the homeless.

While Chance, who welcomed a baby girl earlier this year, didn’t deliver a follow up to Acid Rap, the charitable effort, which raised $60,000 in just 10 days, is just as dope a holiday present.

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Good looks, Chance, and major round of applause to all the humans who donated.