Dascha Polanco On Alleged Teen Girl Assault: “What A Time To Be Alive”


Earlier this month, Orange Is the New Black starlet Dascha Polanco was charged with assaulting a 17-year-old girl over the summer. The 33-year-old Dominicana, however, is more than confident she’ll come out of this untouched.

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During a recent appearance on HuffPost Live, Polanco assured her audience she’s strong enough to endure her current legal troubles, alluding to them as minuscule in comparison to her biggest devastation yet––the sudden death of her mother several years ago. “Nobody’s gonna knock me down,” she explained. “It takes more than that.”

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Polanco, who faces up to a year in prison for the alleged assault with intent to commit harm, went on to quote Drake in her address. “I got a really big team… needs really big rings…,” Dascha quipped. “What a time to be alive.”