You Can Go See Dave Chappelle in Chicago, But You Can’t Use Your Phone


In a generation that’s much too attached to smartphones and the obsessions of capturing every moment with by snapping flicks for later, Dave Chappelle is not tolerating it at his upcoming line of shows in Chicago. As Chappelle headlines 13 sold out standup comedy shows at Thalia Hall, the humorist wants to keep his jokes as private as possible – and that means not sharing his material across social media.

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In order to do something that seems nearly impossible in today’s world, Chappelle turned to the people behind a San Francisco based company named Yondr, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The company uses pouches that lock smartphones once inserted and are in a certain area. So once comedy show lovers make their way into Thalia Hall to enjoy Chappelle, they are handed the phone pouches that officially prohibit any usage during the show.

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“It’s a huge thing for Chappelle, like all comedians: how to make the show phone-free,” says the founder of Yondr, Graham Dugoni. But don’t worry, if anybody feels the need to absolutely use their phone then they can step outside of the designated area that the pouches are in full effect and just like that, phones are unlocked and back in business.