Oh, Okay: Donald Trump Plans To Win “100 Percent” Of Black Votes With This 4-Step Plan


Donald Trump’s delusion confidence has reached new heights, according to a recent report by Yahoo! News. The controversial Republican presidential candidate has devised a plan to garner the support of the black community, one which will allegedly earn him the percentage of black votes usually earned by Democratic candidates. And what motivated this new plan? His recent meeting with a group of black pastors.

According to Darrell Scott, one of the black clergy members who attended the November summit with Trump, he and his fellow religious leaders urged Trump to stop referring to African-Americans as “the blacks.”

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“To be honest, we informed him that he comes across as insensitive sometimes,” Scott said. “He said, ‘OK.’ … He nodded his head. … We also told him that there are politically correct and politically incorrect terms that are being in use.”

The first step of Trump’s four-step plan to appeal to the black community is to “bring God back into the neighborhood.” The other three components are jobs, tax incentives through local businesses, and mirroring education with God, “because they say that the best education that you could ever get would be from your clergy,” said Michael Cohen, executive vice president at the Trump Organization. This strategy spearheads Trump’s aim to earn “100 percent” of black votes.

“Our goal is 100 percent,” Cohen said. “Or to flip what has historically been the Democrats’ 93 percent. That’s Mr. Trump’s goal.”

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Cohen explained that Trump’s aim at the support of the black community is an acknowledgment that no other group of color will offer it. Discussing Trump’s relationship with the Hispanic community, Cohen offered a ignorant problematic statement in regards to prospective voters.

“The truth, yeah, I’m trying to coordinate it because I am mindful of the fact that, you know, there are coalitions and I’m talking about now like Hispanic coalitions that … will not support Trump,” Cohen said. “And that’s OK because the ones that don’t like Trump aren’t even here legally and they can’t vote, so it doesn’t really matter, right? And I understand their point of view. They’re — they do not want to be asked to leave right? And go back where? Go back to their homes? You know they don’t want to. So I understand.”

Raise your hand if you believe that “100 percent” of black voters will choose Donald Trump as the next President of the United States…

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