Graffiti Legend Creates Ecuador’s Tallest Street Art Mural


Graffiti and street art are celebrated among artists all around the world, including in a little country straddling the equator on South America. In Quito, Ecuador, a newly developed cohort of women have decided to act on their creative impulses for one week out of the year, during which the Warmi Paint Festival celebrates female artists who all excel in crafting graffiti, street art, and elaborate murals. Aptly titled, “Warmi” is a woman in quechua, the name of a people of the central Andes of South America and their language.

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Graffiti legend Maria “TooFly” Castillo and Ache Vallejo gathered a talented group of local and international artists from countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brasil. In honor of the inaugural event, TooFly helped create the first and largest street mural in Quito, on the science building of Universidad Central.

“This is the first large scale mural in Ecuador,” said Castillo to VIBE Viva, “which means it’s a sure sign that the country is moving in the right direction with the street art movement.”

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See above how Castillo carefully scaled the building in order to create the ginormous mural.