HBO Releases Teaser For J.Cole’s ‘Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming’ Special


Earlier this week, HBO announced a forthcoming special featuring J. Cole and his national trek for the 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour. Fans can now feast their eyes on just what to expect from the airing, which debuts at the top of the New Year.

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“My dream for Fayetteville is that people here can wake up and realize that anything you want is possible if you want it,” the “Apparently” rapper opens up the sneak peek. “Growing up, it felt like it wasn’t no opportunity here. I would come back home and there’s just that feeling like there’s no place like home.”

Cole continues his introspective message, saying, “I tell myself like ‘Yo, appreciate the moment, even if it’s just this five seconds on stage. Just feel this moment really.” From there, viewers can experience chills with the energy of the crowd during one of the Fayetteville native’s concerts, and see appearances from Drake and Jay Z.

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The special airs Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. on HBO. Check out the 60-second spot below.

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