Tried It: 7 Ways Hillary Clinton Is #NotMyAbuela


Dear Hillary,

Did you think that by pandering and patronizing Latino communities instead of discussing the real issues that affect us (and by pimping out our “abuela”, no less), you could win over the hearts of generations who continue to struggle due to this very kind of microaggression alone? Not to mention–you know, for sh*ts and giggles–systemic racism, ostracizing, xenophobia, the militarization of communities, displacement of families and unequal opportunities.

Hillary, you’ve reached a new low trying to align your political and privileged self with largely hardworking, poor women who continue to break “the ocean in half to be here, only to meet nothing” that wants them.

In other words, Mrs. Clinton, abuelas are pretty much everything you’re not. Next time, try on humility for a change of pace. In the meantime, here are seven tweets that perfectly sum up why you and your campaign missed the mark.

Abuela’s Granddaughter

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