If Only Is The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For Once In A Lifetime Experiences


Life is short.

Like a focused tortoise heading for the finish line, time quietly creeps by, tallying the minutes gone by. Some people unintentionally race through life like hares, while others make it a point to take in every sensuous moment. But at some point, the hare and tortoise may decide to take more advantage of those moments and add special ones in the form of a bucket list. One man realized this and decided to help the hares and tortoises of the world find their way to their dream experience through a special startup called If Only.

After selling his last company, serial businessman Trevor Traina set his eyes on creating something new and impactful. He began observing his friends and noticed a “mega trend” of people spending less time shopping for physical things, and put more effort into purchasing unique experiences. After noticing this, San Francisco native decided to curate a place where anyone can find anything from a once in a lifetime excursion to an interestingly new Saturday activity. Besides offering extraordinary experiences in music, fashion, culinary and more, IfOnly has a philanthropic twist.

“I started just observing my friends and what I was observing is what I now know is kind of the current, mega trend, which is that they were spending less time and attention shopping for physical things and they were increasingly interested in having great experiences. And I realized while there are a lot of places where you can go to buy things, no one had ever really built kind of the magical emporium for experiences.”

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“The final aspect was to build a charitable aspect in from the ground up so that every single thing we sell on our website helps a charity or cause,” adds Traina. “I feel like in the 21st century, the modern way to do business is to help other people while you do your business.”

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Aside from showcasing interesting, high-end experiences in cities like San Fransisco, New York City and the Napa Valley, If Only also sells one-of-a kind memorabilia “Gifts and Goods.” This can be anything from a football jersey signed by Snoop Dogg (pictured left) to a digital fan badge supporting Usher’s foundation to a signed fashion book and a bottle of fine wine. And with the Christmas holiday right around the corner, If Only also offers more affordable gifts your loved ones within its “Holidays” section which can be filtered by type and price in the top tool bar of the official site. Lastly, if you’re personally looking to experience a new adventure, If Only will not disappoint.

“We have [I think] the most interesting gifts in the world. Start on the home page and start using filters to find the perfect something because these are gifts you know they don’t already have […] if we don’t have the perfect something, there’s a button on every page that can be clicked on where people can request whatever is their dream experience at any budget and we’ll do our best to make it happen.”

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