Interview: Charles Perry’s Lovelorn Relationships Make For Beautiful Music


You may or may not have heard of the old souled crooner Charles Perry. If you aren’t familiar with the brokenhearted ballads of Perry, he’s looking to change that.

For new ears, he’s destined to do it by earning his spot on airwaves with his strong vocals and true-to-life love stories.

“My music is my truth, and whether you like or not you can’t deny its integrity,” Perry told VIBE.

Singing since he was five years old, Perry begin collecting — and fell in love with — the vintage sounds of John Lennon, Jimi Hendricks and Little Richard, among others. That explains the infused pop, funk, rock & roll and R&B sounds of his music.

Taking cues from his musical forefathers, Perry put in the necessary work, and in turn, a then teenager, Perry earned a touring spot with Grammy-Award winning CeCe Winans and Shirley Ceasar.

Now, if that isn’t enough to convince one of the budding crooner’s talents, maybe this will; Perry has also shared the stage with legends Michael Jackson, Regina Belle, Stephanie Mills and late Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross. ‘Nuff said.

Fresh off the release of his recently released EP, The Soul Superhero, which contains the lovelorn “Stranger to Love,” the Linden Blvd Projects native stopped by VIBE’s HQ for a chat about his writing process, “Stranger to Love” and making music from an organic place.

VIBE: Real talk, my girl just broke up with me, and I’ve banging “Stranger to Love” ever since she left me. Sad, but that’s a good look for you.
Charles Perry: Thank you, man. I am glad you like it. And, it’s a blessing that people are picking up on it. My music is me, and it’s great when the public responds. But, I’m sorry to hear about your girl.

Aww man, it hurt for about a week, then I moved on. But, what I like about your music is that you don’t seem to chase anything.
Thank you, man. I appreciate that. My music comes from an organic place. It’s really just me and my story.

The flow of “Stranger to Love” seems like it was easy to write. Can you explain your writing process.
My writing process is visual. I came up watching BET and MTV when they first started. To me, watching videos is very important. So I walk outside and really picture how things are supposed to look. Then, I’m Brooklyn, there’s inspiration all around my borough.

If you haven’t yet, you should link with BJ The Chicago Kid.
Man, I haven’t met him but everyone tells me that.

His songwriting is dope. You remind me of him.
Through my experiences, I believe that you can’t be a great songwriter until you have lived life. You have more stories when life hits you. And, I had bad love experieneces througout my life. So when the team got together, we discussed my experiences and put it down.

What do you love most about making music?
I love impacting people’s lives. I want to move people out of their fears. That’s also why I’m a vocal coach. I just want to give people power and help them see that capable of anything.