Ex-NBA Baller Jeff Adrien To Serve Jail Time For Valet Car Theft


It looks like ex-NBA player, Jeff Adrien might be walking into the new year in handcuffs. TMZ reports that the former baller has been charged with a felony after allegedly stealing a 2015 Mercedes from a valet lot in Hollywood.

Early December, Adrien allegedly took the car without permission for a 6-hour spin around town, before retuning it to the lot later that day. He was arrested for a short period and let go, but he may end up behind bars yet again, and this time it will be for longer. If convicted on his felony charges, Adrien could spend up to three years in jail for his crime.

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Adrien has not had many run-ins with the law, but has been no stranger to misfortune during his six-season career. After being recognized as a knockout during his college days at  the University of Connecticut, he jumped around from the Golden State Warriors, to the Houston Rockets, Charlotte Bobcats, to his final season with the New Orleans Pelicans who pulled the plug on his contract in October.

When news first concerning the case broke, his rep said it was all “one big understanding”, according to TMZ, but it looks like the courts aren’t falling for that. His case is due back in court December 30.

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