Shades Of Flawless: Jennifer Lopez Kicks Off The New Year With ‘TV Guide’ Cover


Jennifer Lopez is ready to shed her glamourous side with the premiere of Shades of Blue, but not without an alluring cover spread in TV Guide to kick off the new year proper first. The actress and co-producer of the drama series dished on why she took the cop role on the condition that she would direct all the tough issues the show confronts.

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“I am happy to be one of the people who are breaking the mold,” said Lopez. “We can’t keep acting like we are in the ’50s. Women are strong. Women are bold. And now it is reflected in our art.”


Earlier in the conversation, the former Fly Girl touched on her coming-of-age, describing her career tipping point as desolate and remarkably trying.

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As a teenager, Lopez and her mother butted heads. Mom wanted college for her daughter; Lopez wanted to dance. So they had a falling out. “I was sleeping on a cot at a dance studio before I hit it big,” Lopez says. “My life was about pounding the pavement, breaking away from under my mom and dad’s wings and going off and flying on my own. I needed that moment.”

Shades of Blue debuts this coming Jan. 7 on NBC at 10 p.m.