Review: Seeing Jill Scott Perform Is An Experience, Seeing Her Perform In Philly Is A Privilege

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Jill Scott is full.

Not full of herself, but full. The kind of full that separates girls from women, the novices from the experienced, and nervous from “been there done that.” Ms. Scott took a hiatus from music after 2011’s The Light of The Sun to allow life – albeit good or bad – to happen and the outcome was 2015’s Woman, a musical presentation of the complexities, complexions and realizations that she learned in the four years since we last heard from her.

Never one to boast about what it is, Woman, quietly sold 62,000 copies its first week earning the three-time Grammy award winner her second number one album. So when Jilly launched her tour, she would bring all her fullness and all her womanliness to the stage, and fans would lovingly accept.

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As Jill pranced around the country with her band and her trio of male background singers, Ms. Scott did what she does best. She sang from her gut, willingly reliving any pain needed to make those in the nosebleeds feel, because if nothing else, Jill is unafraid of feelings.

But all that sangin’ and feelin’ was taken to another level when this North Philly girl returned home. In front of a sold-out audience at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Jill Scott graced the stage at the WDAS 2015 Holiday Jam and brought her fullness and womanliness back to her hometown.

Wearing a black-and-gold glittery jumpsuit coupled with rambunctious jet black curly hair and her undeniable smile, Ms. Scott showed love to her fellow two-one-five brothas and sistas. Seeing Jill perform is a privilege, seeing her perform in Philly is a blessed occasion.

Giving the crowd a mix of old and new, Jill performed classics such as “A Long Walk” for those who needed to believe in love again, and her new hit “Closure” for anyone who needed to leave an old love in the past.

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Jill talked her s**t when she performed “The Real Thing” even slowing it down for the audience just so they can hear her realness:

Don’t play no games,that’ll ruin thangs
And make me leave ya,or mistreat ya and you
don’t want that
Don’t hesitate,I could make you great
Like Cleopatra Jones I could set you straight

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Songs like “Golden” and “Back Together” take on new meaning when Philly’s own chanteuse and poet come home to perform. The notes are sweeter, the music penetrates deeper, the ooh’s and ahh’s are more soothing, and her smile – that infectious smile – shines brighter.

Jill Scott has reached a sweet spot in her success. She’s regarded as one of music’s truest greats, her voice undeniable and she proves it whenever someone gives her a mic and a stage, but despite her success, she’s still from ’round the way, she’s still our girl, she’s still Jilly from Philly.

Full and womanly.