In Case You Were Wondering, Joe Budden Doesn’t Care About Your #2015BestNine Photos On Instagram


With the year quickly coming to an end, and 2016 just days away, many are reflecting on the past, what went well, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be left in 2015.

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Instagram is capitalizing off of this energy with the #2015BestNine feature. Users can download an app, which let’s them know which of their nine photos received the most likes. Scroll down your news feed and you’ll be sure to see your favorite celebrity and close friends all participating.

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Yet, the one person who quite frankly doesn’t give a crap is Joe Budden. The Slaughterhouse native took to Instagram Monday (December 28) to be “the voice of reason” and not so politely tell everyone your nine best photos really don’t mean much.

Hate to be the voice of reason (again), but if u step outside of your ego & vanity, you’ll quickly see we don’t give a fuck what your 9 best pics of 2015 were. We know we know, u think it’s cute cuz u think you’re cute & idiots all year have told u “you’re cute”… Y’all keep trying to make being cute an accomplishment, it’s not… So if u care about some of the cerebral folk, then let’s see 9 things you’ve learned this year, 9 goals u made & reached, 9 goals for next year, etc… ANYTHING but 9 pics of yo lame ass we’ve already seen but u so thirsty for thirst you’ve managed to bring back them same ass pics lol.. #ThatIsAll #ImJustTalkinShit #IfYouDontKnowImAlwaysJustTalkingShit #MaybeItsMe #YallWontBeHappyTilTheUglyHoesGiveYouNinePicsOfUgly lol

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Okay Joe. You got it.