Kanye West Credits Drake For Helping Him Shed His Ego


Back in March, Kanye West delivered a lecture to the Oxford Guild Society and dropped a few gems. Thankfully, video footage of the speech was finally released on Monday (Dec. 7). The rapper spoke on many things, from his biggest weaknesses, to his ego, and even about how Drake has helped him along the way. “One of my biggest problems, one of my biggest Achille’s heels has been my ego,” West says. “And if I, Kanye West, the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone.”

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And if you’re wondering who might’ve been a helping hand in Kanye’s new mindset then Drake would be the main man behind it all. “I think that that’s been a progression of mind with the advent of a human being named Drake,” West shares. “You know, this idea of holding onto a No. 1 spot. And then you get this guy that comes and blows out the water, every No. 1 of any band ever. Be it me or Paul McCartney. And at the point, you know, when you’ve lost the idea of holding onto that concept, you can leave the mountaintop finally, and walk down, and readjust, and see what your position on earth can be.”

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Mr. West even tapped into a little vulnerability throughout his speech as he revealed that he has now learned his true sense of purpose as an artist. “I’ve had all of these mixed emotions, mixed feelings, based off you know, bigotries, walls, perceptions that I’ve had to deal with,” West expressed. “Ones that drove me to titles like ‘Black Skinhead’ or ‘I Am A God.’ Now I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, and with the information and my ability to build relationships with amazing people, speak to amazing people.”

Watch Kanye West’s Oxford Guild Society speech below:

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