Kendrick Lamar Reveals A Deeper Significance Behind His 11 Grammy Nominations


It’s no secret that Kendrick Lamar had a more than successful 2015. With the release of his second major studio album To Pimp A Butterfly, the Compton native’s stellar soundscape not only found a nook within our coveted playlists, but also at the top of various publications’ year-end lists.

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The jazzy and lyrically-conscious journey boasted melodies like “Alright” that served as the official/unofficial anthem for many movements across the country, “How Much A Dollar Cost” which President Barack Obama is a major fan of, and “These Walls” which produced the cinematic video featuring Terry Crews and Corey Holcomb.

Now, K. Dot has his sights set on 2016 with the imminent arrival of the 58th annual Grammy Awards. The 28-year-old MC is up for 11 nominations, just one short of Michael Jackson’s all-time record from the prestigious recording academy. The nods for TPAB include the nail-biting Album of the Year, Song of the Year for “Alright,” and Best Rap Album. The momentous occasion also prompted Lamar to share his thoughts, per a recent interview with The New York Times.

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“I want all of them. Because it’s not only a statement for myself, but it’s a statement for the culture,” he said. “They’re all important, because of the foundation the forefathers laid before me. Nas didn’t get a chance to be in that position, Pac. So to be acknowledged and to actually win, it’s for all of them.”

After the release of TPAB in March, Lamar had a previous sit-down with the NYT where he explained how he managed to make an album that would relate to any type of listener.

“I know every artist feels this way, but in order for it to come across on record for your average 9-to-5-er is the tricky part,” he said. “I have to make it where you truly understand: This is me pouring out my soul on the record. You’re gonna feel it because you too have pain. It might not be like mine, but you’re gonna feel it.”

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The Grammys will take place on Feb. 15, 2016 on CBS, where Lamar will have a greater chance of increasing his gramophone collection.