Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Obama’s Praise Of “How Much A Dollar Cost”


Kendrick Lamar scored big in 2015 with his ground-breaking, left of center sophomore LP To Pimp A Butterfly, and because K.Dot went against the grain he garnered a staggering (and rightfully deserved) 11 Grammy nominations.

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Yet, the biggest praise came from the Commander In Chief, when Barack Obama said his “How Much A Dollar Cost” was his favorite in 2015. The recognition, in essence secured President Obama’s coolness while simultaneously proving King Kunta is that dude.

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TMZ cameras caught up with the Compton Kid and asked him just how it feels to have the leader of the free world enjoy some of his music, although rushing through the airport and into the car, K.Dot was able to offer a thought-provoking and kind response.

Peep what he had to say below.