Killer Mike Interviews Bernie Sanders In New Video Series


Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders recently got a huge co-sign from Killer Mike, and their unlikely friendship has gotten many people talking. After teasing for days that he was planning on having a sit-down interview with Sanders, the Run The Jewels rapper kept good on his word by releasing a six-part interview Tuesday (Dec. 15) entitled “Talking Shop.” The footage was taped at The Swag Shop barber shop in Atlanta.

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“I rap, and I rap about a lot of the stuff that you rant about,” said the ATL- MC to the Vermont Senator to start off his spiel. He later discussed with Sanders economic freedom, the hypocrisy of marijuana laws, free tuition at public colleges and universities and what socialism means to the black community.

“To be truly free, you need economic rights as well,” Sanders said in regards to the latter topic. “I think that in the richest country in the history of the world…we can do infinitely better in providing economic rights to our people.”

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Mike believes that Sanders has the possibility to beat frontrunner Hillary Clinton for the nomination, and used the interview as a way for Sanders to present his ideas in a digital public forum.

“The ideas that you have talked about so greatly affect the community we’re from,” he exclaimed. Check out all six parts of Mike and Sanders’ interview below.