Kobe Bryant Shares That His Youngest Daughter Is Starting To Mimic His Basketball Skills


Though the Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night (Dec. 17), their leader of the Lake Show displayed signs that he might’ve just tapped into the fountain of youth. Despite the double digit loss, Bryant turned back time and it seemed like 1996 all over again when he took flight and dunked over Rockets forward/center Clint Capela.

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Yes, the Mamba still has the bunnies 20 seasons later. Never count the veterans out. They can still surprise the young ones every now and then. But what may not be so surprising is who Bryant’s basketball skills are rubbing off on. And that would be his youngest daughter, Gianna.

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Bryant shared how he was taken aback by his own daughter’s skills and how he’s slowly but surely having an impact on her. “We were shooting not too long ago and she was shooting one-dribble pull-ups,” he revealed. “I asked here where does she get that from? She said, ‘From watching you.’ I didn’t know she was paying attention that much. I watch her play and she has the same mannerisms. She’ll sit there and bite her jersey and all this other stuff. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Like father, like daughter. Looks like there’ll be a Mini Mamba in the making to take over the WNBA pretty soon. We’ll make sure to keep a look out.

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